Participants attend lecture about rock art during the October 2012 visit to Gobustan


The Smithsonian Institutionís Office of Policy and Analysis, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Gobustan National Historical-Artistic Preserve in coordination with the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and Sacred Sites, released a public Announcement of Opportunity to enlist individuals in Azerbaijan and the United States who were motivated to build greater community awareness about cultural artifacts and their preservation. From the many highly qualified applicants, the Written in Rock coordinators selected twelve talented and energetic individuals from the United States and Azerbaijan to act as ambassadors of their communities. We are pleased to introduce the Written in Rock participants who are working collaboratively to understand one anotherís cultures and petroglyphs, and develop their own unique projects that will bring greater awareness of the petroglyphs and their importance.

Azerbaijani Participants

United States Participants

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